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Sorry me, for my broken English. An interview with Harry Knowles

Sorry me, for my broken English.
Some questions to Mr. Harry Knowles
Joaquin Ortega. Newsweek Venezuela

JO: What do you think is the most sci fi city in USA?

HK: I’d say Seattle, though I’m hoping to see Austin, TX to take its throne.

JO:  Is any possibility to live after death using technology…it really matters to keep a human life beyond the biological time?

HK: Not yet, but soon we’ll be able to upload consciousness to Data servers and live digitally.   Also, soon - there’s been a lot of work in nanotech for preserving the human form, which could lead to de-aging and eternal life.   Of course - this would probably lead to grotesque overpopulation or a two tiered society of the one-lifers and the eternals.   But that’s all guess work.

JO:  In the sense of self consciousness, do you think the humans are in the edge to be obsolete?

HK: We haven’t even begun to live correctly yet, I believe we’re on the cusp of a true futuristic renaissance.

JO:  Is the “It Aint Cool News” site an extension of your very own interest… or you’re trying to connect to kindred spirits?

HK:  Ain’t it Cool is a philosophy of loving life, film, television, comics, toys, music, etc.   I believe we live in the coolest era of all time for film, simply because we have access to such a large volume of film history to enjoy, everywhere.  And I wish to share it with everyone.

JO:  Sometimes we can see you as a spiritual leader; you represent some kind of lifetime commitment to the fiction’s mission… when exactly do you feel your call?

HK:  A spiritual leader, really?   Wow.  Well, I have performed marriage ceremonies for a few folks.   But my commitment to film is more about trying to understand humanity through its art.   To imagine its past, present & future - you need only look to cinema, literature, music and art.    To culturally reach through the propaganda about other countries, by looking at their native contributions to these mediums and coming to love everyone, without seeing borders or the issues that drive us away from working towards a better future for us all.

JO:  Who is the author you read over and over through time?

HK:  Stephen King, Ray Bradbury, Harlan Ellison, Stan Lee, Plato, Aristotle

JO:  Is any relevant difference these days between fantasy and sci fi?

HK:  Sci-Fi / Fantasy are often grouped together.   But I see them as 3 genres.     Sci Fi or SCIENCE FICTION would be the serious sci-fi stories that adhere to science directly for their inspiration.  DESTINATION MOON, INTERSTELLAR, TIME MACHINE, etc.   Then there’s FANTASY - which is filled with magic and the impossible to conceive actions of its characters.  These stories need not pay attention to the restraints of reality. LORD OF THE RINGS.    Lastly there is SCI FI FANTASY - which looks like science fiction, but is very light on science and is more about presenting a visual aesthetic of whimsy - like STAR WARS

JO:  Who is your ultimate hero in fiction?

HK:  Errol Flynn’s Robin Hood from THE ADVENTURES OF ROBIN HOOD

JO:  Who is your ultimate hero in real life?

HK: My father, Jay Knowles

JO:  Please, recommend us three cult movies, which everyone has to watch…


JO:  Is any underdog writer you would recommend to be adapted to film in this decade or next?

HK: Paul Dini

JO: In the Asian action movies –directors, actors, producers, writers- is there any name that we have to be aware of? So, who’s the next John Woo, the next Chow YunFat?

HK:  I would say, Gareth Evans is the director to watch and his star, Iko Uwais is the most stunning to watch Asian actor of our day.

JO:  What was the most important learning from your boy scouts years?

HK:  DO A GOOD TURN DAILY, BE PREPARED and to Help Other People At All Times.  Oh and to LEAD.

JO: The most relief or bizarre experience in a Butt-Numb-A-Thon

HK:  FAREWELL UNCLE TOM was the most bizarre experience I’ve had at BNAT.

JO:  What we have to expect, in the next years about some franchises like Star Wars and Terminator or in another franchise you want to see extended? …

HK:  STAR WARS will continue till our dying day now that it is at Disney.   They will simply keep it that way.   TERMINATOR - I’m a tad exhausted with.   If I could extend another franchise, it would be to personally take the Sci-fi Fantasy stories of Edgar Rice Burroughs to their glorious ends.

JO:  This “Transmedia” concept, this multilayer and multiplatform experience has something new to give in next years?

HK:  I think we will see astonishing things from the VR or OCULUS RIFT technologies, but also the enhanced reality features will bring fictional characters to life around us.   Though, I won’t be satisfied till I can ride a Taun Taun in Antarctica

JO: Tell us if you love any one hit wonder in horror movies…

HK:  BUTCHER BAKER NIGHTMARE MAKER leaps instantly to mind.   THE BLACK ROOM with Karloff is amazing.   FALL OF THE HOUSE OF USHER by Corman is genius.   And frankly there’s a few hundred more.

JO:  What is the most important advice that you would give to a comic book writer?

HK:  Stop having the characters fights all the time - and try to fix things through other means.   

JO:  Please, describe us a day in the life of Aint Cool News routine?

HK:  Wake up, go through email, return emails, calls….  Post stories, watch movies, think about the state of awesome in the world.   Read tech and science blogs.   Read scripts, books and other peoples’ reviews.   Play with toys.   My puppy.    Love my wife, chat with my dad.    Eat 3 meals a day.   Sleep when it is boring.   Then shake and repeat for the past 19 years.

JO:  What is the best action film of all times?

HK:  KING KONG (1933)

JO:  If you have to pick one guitar riff or a song that represents your own life, which will you choose?

HK:  The song that Betty Boop and Bimbo sing at the beginning of CRAZY TOWN --à

As for a guitar riff….  


JO: Thank you so much

HK: Thank you

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